Dylan Granato

SolKine Solsurfer Dylan Granato

Pickle, Dyl Pickle, Pickleman Pete

Date of Birth:
May 2004

Oahu, Maui, Big Island, California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, South Carolina)

Mom and Dad, SolKine

Greatest Influences:
Jesus, John John Florence, Mom and Dad

Favorite Surf Spots:
PKs, Housings, Polihale, Pakalas, Centers, Pine Trees

Surf Maneuvers Yet to Master:
Air Reverse, Alley Oop

Favorite Quote:    
"Never Give Up"

What You Love About Surfing:
It feels like you're flying and you get to cool off in the ocean. 

Years Surfing:    
1 year (bodyboarder before)

Little Known Fact:  
I'm the only one in my family with brown eyes and I'm a lefty.