Marley Lopaka Franco


Nick Name:
Gnarly Marley

Date of Birth:
June 2008

Not to many places yet...I was one of the youngest to surf in the UAE, Dubai Wadi Wave Pool and I surfed a few spots on Oahu.

Grom USA, Supported by Hi Tech Surf Sports, Quickblade Paddles hooked me up with a sweet paddle for SUP and Rip Curl has hooked me up with some suits!

Greatest Influences:
My Mom and Dad and all my uncles and aunties who support me! Zane Schweitzer, Kai Barger, and Ian Walsh

Favorite Surf Spots:
Honolua Bay and Turtle Bay, HI

Surf Maneuver Yet to Master:
Airs, 360's and possible 540's

Favorite Quote:
"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun!" —Kelly Slater, "if you never try, you will never know."

Little Known Fact:
Marley's a kite boarder, SUP racer and can shred on a snowboard as well!