Nora Liotta

SolKine SolSurfer Nora Liotta

Norma,  Noodler,  Norma Noodle,  Nora Noodle Playground

Date of Birth:
May 2004

California,  Maine, Florida, Kauai,  Ogden Wave Pool, Ogden Utah! 

SolKine (duh!)  Mom and Dad, Lilikoi Creations 

Greatest Influences:  
Jesus, Bethany Hamilton,  Courtney Conlogue, Steph Gilmore 

Favorite Surf Spots:  
Hookipa,  Olowalu, Lahaina Harbor, Honolua Bay, Pk's 

Surf Maneuvers Yet to Master:  

Signature Move:  
Handstand on a longboard

What You Love About Surfing:  
I love the feeling of being picked up by a wave 

Years Surfing:
2 years

Little Known Fact:
I was a finalist for a food network show!